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Find support options including software, drivers, manuals, how-to and troubleshooting information for your Printers.

03 Jul


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If you are thinking ways to Troubleshoot HP Printer Wi-Fi issues & tired of searching Google & Dozens of forums then now, you are at the right place. If you are a tech savvy then it will be an easy task for you, but if you are just a geek then this might sound trouble to you.



Devices like Printers had made our life very easy & smooth. It is quite simple to use the printers these days because of the latest innovation & technologies that make printers much more efficient and easy to access. Well, to resolve HP Printer Wi-Fi issues, a well-explained step has been penned down by a team of HP Printer Support Help-Desk. A weak or a non-existent connection between your computing device and HP printer will prevent you from getting the documents you need. And because the issues lie between the two, often it can be a tough job to diagnose. If your printer was connecting wirelessly to your Wi-Fi and then stopped, try to restart your computer and printer to see if they will reconnect.

NOTE - Details of HP Printer Support Help-Desk to Fix HP Printer Wi-Fi issues is mentioned below. For any assistance, you can directly call & get support.


  • Is your printer connected to your Wi-Fi network? Printing a Wireless Network Test Report is the easiest & simplest way to check and see on HP printers. Go to your control panel & select Wireless Network Test Report (on some Canon printer models, you can access this directly by hitting the wireless button). This report will give you insights into connectivity, the units connected to the Wi-Fi network, and the Network Name - from which you can see if your unit is connecting to the network. Consider restarting your router and printer to reconnect.
  • Is your computer device connected to the Wi-Fi network? For Windows users, select the HP Print and Scan Doctor software discussed above to check. For Apple Mac users, click on the Wireless logo in the top right-hand corner of your computer screen. Is your network checked?
  • Was anything on your computer device changed recently? Updates to your security software, firewalls, browser, and the operating system can result in connection issues with your HP printer. You may need to reconnect your computer to the Wi-Fi network, reconfigure your protection settings to include printers, or install an updated driver, depending on the nature of the updates. If you updated software, consider restoring your system back to its original settings/version to see if that reconnects you.
  • Was your router replaced recently by any chance? The Chances are, you will need to reconfigure your printer and your computer to reconnect with the network. Check to see if your new router is assigned a different ISP address, which will need the reconfiguration.


Hope, you are successfully able to Troubleshoot HP Printer Wi-Fi issues. But if you are not able to fix it by following the mentioned procedures, then you need to contact the HP Printer Support Help-desk. The expert technicians of HP Printer are a highly skilled & certified profession & available 24*7 to assist you in your every issue related to HP Printer Errors.

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Find support options including software, drivers, manuals, how-to and troubleshooting information for your Printers.